Monday, January 3, 2011

Rural e-Center (Monreal Masbate)


It was early the end of 2010 when we have our reunion, these were my students and thesis advisories in Ateneo De Naga University before. At least or more or less 6 / 7 years that I had not seen these folks, and now they are a certified engineers already with their respective specialties and expertise.Marco is a Design engineer in ADI , Richard is now a Network Engineer aficionados the other groups (Carlo ,Alexis,other Ateneans) are also working in Telecoms and Digital graphics companies.

Get in physical condition ,as we would knew it,if they were grown enough to be conscious of their own health so much is mine; need that physical conditioning for self routine balancing aside from my hectic works-so get into exercise rhythm. And we planned to have those routine , one is trekking,walking jogging or sprinting around the UP sunken circuits.But there is another more exciting plan , which could condition a lot better- to recall buddies who are now staying /working in Manila then to reunite the clan-yahoo build the Karate group and I am the Karate old guy!(how about that??)

I was informed that Marco's uncle is a Mayor in one of the promising town in Masbate, so it was a good opportunity then to offer a "Rural e-Center" to them (both for the local officials and their constituents)-communication per se.We were not surprised that we had all the same vision to resolve communication problem in the town of Monreal Masbate , it was a long desire to build a communication infrastructure but it lacks IT/Engineering resources to pursue an e-Center.On our behalf we can do our part to make such ambitions be realized and the team a Rural e-Center.

Another good news was when Engr. Villahermosa(Marco) wired us that the Mayor is willing to have an appointment with us.For a short while conversations I have known important profiles about Mayor Espiloy,he is a civil engineer by profession and then got his interest into civil service , a mayor who is concern more of upgrading the state of his town;in addition to that he was my co alumnus-Unceano (Engineering graduate of UNC-Naga).There was no more motivations involved than the price's quotations and before the talks ended -we assured theat Rural e-Center is a cost saving projects.

We also convinced Marco to build his own initial investment to see if such business is good,to my surprise it just consumed a couple of weeks for such decisions-and there we need to provide him the UT(Satellite Dish) and brought him to Gilmore to purchase dozens of computer and accessories.While I was at work and with some of unexpected commitments ,Thadz (Engr. Espiritu) had taken almost all the responsibility.

So putting it all together, for less than a month , we deliver satellite dish, computers,wires and accessories to the remote isle of Monreal. Sacrifices for sleepless nights to install software, configure PC ,connect cables and etc. Transporting baggage/cargoes land to sea or sea to land back & forth-imagine how much these cargo weighs ?When the infrastructure was almost finished then the setup and installations of satellite dish and the reiteration of getting the code and authentications for an internet link from that aisle (Monreal) to main office in Manila(WIT) .

"Sir, Ok na igdi may nag haharapot ng mga tawo igdi , ma garamit na daa sindang internet.Dapat matapos na ini..maski makusogun ang uran" I heard Thadz so excited to finish the installations, and that when everything connects to the web ("bingo!") there is now an internet link! I was so overwhelmed when a promo started ; a free use of internet for at least one day-its open to all. Kids,lass ,lad ,students and teachers grab that opportunity for once upon a time this remote isle of Monreal is now connected around the globe-at last! And if this is the case ,I'll bet transfer of ideas and technologies will boom soon.

We have this premonition, to resolve all the expected problems and the recourse is to anticipate "brown out" or interrupted power supply service. Monreal Masbate main electrical source rely in the bulk supply of electricity which generated by a diesel electric generator our solutions is to design our solar power supply - for economic reason.

Link to the mainliand

And finally we lifted another steps, though it was quite tasky seeing those folks connect the world there was a feeling of overwhelming satisfactions

After the rural e-Center integrations in Monreal was finished,Engr Villahermosa would be leaving the country for a job training and specializations-cool that was in Ireland!Meanwhile Engr. Espiritu got his ample time to take care of his father and dealing with other IT business there in Bicol .As usual I was still hang inside the Lab for another interesting project-Robook Scanner.Soon as we had planned , we'll established another e-Center to the nearest town of Monreal-guess where it would be,and if the venture is good -Pilar Sorsogon is my next prospect..

Thank you folks -for another e-Barrio


Investor and Innovator
Telecommunications Engineering
The feasibility of Prospected site


The interest
The money
The skills
The sacrifice
The actual finale

Detail: 1 Monreal e-Center Masbate ICT Hub

Detail(2): A typical tropical Monreal Masbate("..and this is our story")

Detail (3): Lets build our goals and dream

Detail(4): A carpenter's craftsmanship

Detail (5): Boys' curiosity towards building Rural e-Center("The Hope")

Detail (6):Home Breeze("A rest house ") -Engr. Villahermosa Residence

Detail (7): A rural scenery ("Wish I was there")

Detail (8): Sentemiento de bijaros del Monreal ("A trip for a cause")

Detail (9): Need to smile while journey at the sea ("Pioneering e-Center")

Detail(10): A Caribbean ship that crosses via land & sea back & forth ("Kind of amphibious car?)

Detail(11): On time delivery ("Load Baggage Cargo-whatever LBC" )

Detail(12): Welcoming the dish ( "A dishes of dish link")

Detail(13):Lets open it bro! ("Balik bayan boxes")

Detail(14): Tie the nuts & volts and stand up with base("Drill the bit!")

Detail (15): The String standing unto outer space ("IP Star Satellite dish ")

Detail(16) A base mount IP Star ("with bananas??")

Detail(17) Other sideways to view signal strength("Now it stands..")

Detail(18): Rural e-Center simple brand("A promising name")

Detail (19): The Digital Computing system inside the e-Center("Press refresh")

Detail (20):Another bulk of Facebook ("Let them rejoice!")


We don't mean who we are , but the essence of e-Services and e-Business could be put together for an ultimate cause. Legacy is achieved by the determinations , the broadness idea plus the guts to deliver it in reality -EtherTech Team

Yahoo! we moved on to Masbate ,a lift for another steps!


To HIM - The "ONE" almighty
Hon. Mayor Engr. Ben G. Espiloy & Family-for whom we depend much the progress of deploying rural e-Center through out Masbate.
Engr. Marco Villahermoza -Pioneering e-Center in Monreal Masbate,another promising Techno entrepreneur engineer
Sir Aris Villahermosa- With his extended views by providing another IT Center in Masbate Masbate
Engr. Rcihard Espiritu-For his all around expertise ("Guru") about the business of e-Center
Coballes Family of Canaman -my inspirations
To WIT Company -for the trust and confident that make us as one of their business partner.
To the Filipinos of this archipelago who believe that changes could happen within themselves